If the English language made any sense, a catastrophe would be an apostrophe with fur.
— Doug Larson

Every writer needs an editor. My job is to erase the errors and smooth out the language so your reader can concentrate on your message.

I ensure your text is correct (e.g. grammar, spelling, word choice) and legible (e.g. easy-to-read format, compliant with style guide). Consistency is a big part of editing too: I check whether you have defined all your terms, stayed with one verb tense (unless there's a reason not to) and spelled words the same way (like the pesky -ize vs. -ise).

It's also important that your writing reflects your own unique voice. My goal is to deliver a text that sounds like you. Your words...just better!

In more than 15 years' work as an editor, I have worked on just about every type of text imaginable. The two sorts of texts I most enjoy working with are: